IGBO Market Literature



IGBO Market Literature, Veronica My daughter, Forget Me Not, The Important Book for Nigerian Bachelors, TheGentle Giant Alakuku, What is Life, Trust Nobody, Life is the Prison Yark, How ToStart Life and End it Well, How to Marry a Good Girl, Light to Success, The Sweetness and Kingdom of Love, The Miracle of Love, Nancy in Blooming Youth, Beautiful Maria in the Art of True Love, They Died in the Game of Love.

Little John in the Love Adventure, Agnes in the Game of True Love, The Disappointed Lover, True Love, Born to be a Flirt, Queen of the Night, Disaster in the Realms of Love, One Love Forever, She died in the bloom of Youth, The Chains of Love, How to Speak to Girls and Win their Love, The Lady Who Robbed Her Mother to Defend Her Husband, Stubborn Girl, Beware of Harlots and Many Friends, Between Love and Obedience, How to Make Friends with Girls.
Elizabeth My Lover, The Bitterness of Love, Right Way to Approach Ladies, Beauty Never Ends, Romance in a Nutshell, 9,000,000,000 Pound Man Still Says No Money, The Sorrows of Love, No Condition is Permanent, The World is Hard, Rose Only Loved My Money, Money Hard But Women Don’t Know, The Last Days of Lumumba, Dr. Nkrumah in the Struggle for Freedom,The Struggles and Trials of Jomo Kenyatta, The Statements of Hitler, The Life Story of Zik, The Life and Death of JFK, How Tshombe and Mobutu …

IGBO Market Literature
Edited by S. Okechukwu Mezu

SET OF 5 VOLS   4000 pp