A, B, C, says OlaRose



A,B,C,says OlaRose one of the books in the Millie Ola Children’s Book Series is dedicated in the words of the author”To my twin angels, OlaRose and Obiola, who were born early, whose strength and courage as they fought for their lives inspired me to be brave. May your story bring hope to all whose babies live with or die from prematurity; as they are all angels who come to bless and touch our lives for a lifetime, even if we knew them for only a few months, weeks, days or for just a moment”

A is for Ape
It lives in the trees.
If you talk and stare
It will jump and gape

C is for camel
It has a mump
And is one mammal
Whose back has a bump

36 pages Illustration by CAM

Book sales will go to the ObiOlaRose Twin Angels Foundation to help support needy neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and parents of prematureand sick infants. www.obiolarosefoundation.org