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Hampton University and Wall Street Journal

With only 13% of African Americans in higher education, these colleges [HBCUs] awarded nearly 30%

of all undergraduate degrees earned by African American students in the science, technology,

engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines; 50% of all bachelor’s degrees in teacher education received

by African American students; and 85% of Doctor of Medicine degrees acquired by African Americans

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I Tried to Be a Communist

Then political problems rose to plague me.  Ross, whose life I had tried to write, was charged

by the Communist Party with “anti-leadership tendencies,” “class collaborationist attitudes,”

and “ideological factionalism” — phrases so fanciful that I gaped when I heard them.

Books by Richard Wright

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The Invisible History of Slavery in Canada

There is a direct cause-and-effect relationship with our collective past and our collective present,

as well as our collective future. To fully understand the context of current conflicts and

events, we need to know the relevant past and its causal relationship.

Brenda Steed-Ross, co-founder of the Africville Genealogy Society, is overcome with emotion hearing apology of Mayor KellyRead the rest