A DREAM COME TRUE, a novel by Millie Ola



Never since Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart has such a novel come out of Africa. A Dream Come True is a simple, scintillating, rolling and flowing novel about a village girl, Ijeoma, who dreamed beyond the little mud and thatch houses embowelling the thick forests of her small village. The story combines the documentary historicity of Chinua Achebe and the crusading feminism of Buchi Emecheta. It stands on an uncommonly high and courageous moral pedestal in a society on the throes of putrefaction – a difficult novel to drop once started. The young Oma moves from high school to the university and to the real world of business and politics, where treachery, lust and dishonesty compete with faith, romance and love. Ijeoma will scale the heights and beat all the obstacles to achieve her love, her ambition and her dream.

Millie Ola, a versatile and natural Nigerian artist handles the English language with prolific and consummate ease. A twenty year old doctoral candidate in Optometry in a Nigerian University, Ola Millie, at fourteen while still in high school, took the American Test of English as a Second Language (TOEFL) and scored better than 95% of 650,000 students world-wide, graduate and undergraduate, that had taken the examination during a five-year period. At her first attempt at the American Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) examination, she scored better than 99.5% of 64,088 students that took the English examination during the April/August 1996 administrations. She has won countless awards and honors in poetry and literature and has written over ten novels and a book of poems