Forced Labor Decree Articles

Forced Labor Decree


ChickenBones: A Journal

for  Literary & Artistic African-American  Themes



This decree contains the essence of Toussaint’s social and economic policy.

It is intended to restore prosperity and domestic tranquility simultaneously.

To this end the entire state is militarized. 



Books on the Caribbean

Hubert Cole. Christophe: King of Haiti. New York: The Viking Press, 1967.

C.L.R. James. … Read the rest

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Baltimore Slave Markets Articles

Baltimore Slave Markets


ChickenBones: A Journal

for Literary & Artistic African-American Themes



The end of the slave jails in Baltimore was on July 24, 1863

Colonel Birney . . . proceeded to Slatter’s jail . . . enlisted the male Negroes

in the army and liberated the female slaves.



Baltimore’s Old Slave Markets

In 1835 The city Boasted a Dozen … Read the rest

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INTRODUCTION to Blacks, Unions, & Organzing Articles

INTRODUCTION to Blacks, Unions, & Organzing


Blacks, Unions, & Organizing in the South, 1956-1996



Compiled by Rudolph Lewis


By Rudolph Lewis

With the exception of several summaries, an address by Thurgood Marshall to the AFL-CIO Convention, an article from the New York Times Magazine, and Section 6, the materials contained in this manuscript can be found in the AFL-CIO … Read the rest

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Depiction of Slavery Articles

Depiction of Slavery


a collector took one of the old Confederate bank notes into a North Charleston blueprint shop and asked an employee,

John W. Jones, to have it enlarged. Mr. Jones, an artist and commercial illustrator who frequently paints

African-American themes, studied the engraving on the note and was struck by the Confederacy’s decision

to use as its monetary symbol an … Read the rest

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