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Ban Firearms in South Africa  By Mpumelelo Toyise Too many images broadcast to the world about our country are of horrific incidents of violent crime. Contrary to widely propagated beliefs it is the majority, poor and black people, who mainly fall prey to this sickening level of terror. It is mainly women…

Congo White King

Congo White King

AfricaArticles October 21, 2005 0

Congo: White King Red Rubber, Black Death A Belgium King’s Sins Revealed in Film Who were the most brutal wielders of machetes in African history responsible for the amputation of thousands of human hands? Under-age black combatants looking for revenge and survival by joining militia groups in unstable economies?... Read more
Way Of Liberation Manifesto
Exploring Sexuality from a Black Perspective
 Mya B’s Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America Exploring Sexuality from a Black Perspective  Review  By Rudolph Lewis I like very much what Mya B has done with the digital camera. Her first full length documentary, Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America, partakes... Read more
bird on the wing

bird on the wing

ArticlesPoetry November 12, 2004 0

the rain, beating / a philly-joe solo / on the brim of / your fedora can’t even get / your foot / in the front door / of the jazz joint Charlie Parker CDs The Essential Charlie Parker  /  Charlie Parker: A Studio Chronicle 1940-1948  / Charlie Parker with... Read more
The Liberation of Baghdad
    It’s been about a year and a half since the US bum rushed Afghanistan to oust the Taliban and set up a puppet regime run by Bush & Co.’s hand-picked stooge Hamid Karzai. Unfortunately for Karzai . . . he lives in constant fear The “Liberation” of... Read more
Igbo Marriage
In praise and support of Amiri Baraka
What is so ironic about the whole ordeal is that he attacked you for writing about how the Bush  administration and other countries knew about the events that were going to take place on the World Trade Center long in advance, and then he turns around and interviews other... Read more
Help Save ChickenBones
Depiction of Slavery
  a collector took one of the old Confederate bank notes into a North Charleston blueprint shop and asked an employee, John W. Jones, to have it enlarged. Mr. Jones, an artist and commercial illustrator who frequently paints African-American themes, studied the engraving on the note and was struck... Read more
Libya Getting it Right: Pan-African