Congo White King Africa

Congo White King

Congo: White King
Red Rubber, Black Death
A Belgium King’s Sins Revealed in Film

Who were the most brutal wielders of machetes in African history responsible for the amputation of thousands of human hands?

Under-age black combatants looking for revenge and survival by joining militia groups in unstable economies?

No. They were greedy Europeans who wanted easy fortunes derived from … Read the rest

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The Liberation of Baghdad Articles

The Liberation of Baghdad



It’s been about a year and a half since the US bum rushed Afghanistan

to oust the Taliban and set up a puppet regime run by Bush & Co.’s

hand-picked stooge Hamid Karzai. Unfortunately for Karzai . . .

he lives in constant fear

The “Liberation” of Baghdad

By Junious Ricardo Stanton

Residents of Baghdad — a conservative … Read the rest

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Igbo Marriage Africa

Igbo Marriage

An Igbo Marriage
Photos taken by Okechukwu Anthony Mezu
and provided by Dr. Rose Mezu

Books by Rose Ure Mezu

Women in Chains: Abandonment in Love Relationships in the Fiction of Selected West African Writers (1994) / Songs of the Hearth (1993) /

Homage to My People (2004) / A History of Africana Women’s Literature (2004)

 Black Nationalists: Reconsidering Du Read the rest

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In praise and support of Amiri Baraka Articles

In praise and support of Amiri Baraka

What is so ironic about the whole ordeal is that he attacked you for writing about how the Bush

 administration and other countries knew about the events that were going to take place on

the World Trade Center long in advance, and then he turns around and interviews other people

who are against the war in Iraq, and thus Bush. … Read the rest

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Help Save ChickenBones Articles

Help Save ChickenBones

Help Save ChickenBones—Our Literary Journal

An Appeal by The Committee to Keep ChickenBones A Journal

Mackie Blanton                                                                                                                                                                   Floyd Hayes              

Send contributions to: ChickenBones: A Journal /  2005 Arabian Drive / Finksburg, MD 21048

I became aware of Rudy Lewis’ labor of love a few short months ago during a visit to Kalamu ya Salaam’s e-drum listserv. As soon as … Read the rest

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Depiction of Slavery Articles

Depiction of Slavery


a collector took one of the old Confederate bank notes into a North Charleston blueprint shop and asked an employee,

John W. Jones, to have it enlarged. Mr. Jones, an artist and commercial illustrator who frequently paints

African-American themes, studied the engraving on the note and was struck by the Confederacy’s decision

to use as its monetary symbol an … Read the rest

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Libya Getting it Right: Pan-African Africa

Libya Getting it Right: Pan-African

Norah Owaraga noted that Libya, “unlike other oil producing countries such as Nigeria

and Saudi Arabia, utilized the revenue from its oil to develop its country. The standard

of living of the people of Libya is one of the highest in Africa, falling in the category

of countries with a GNP per capita of between USD 2,200 and 6,000.

Libya Read the rest

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