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Ban Firearms in South Africa  By Mpumelelo Toyise Too many images broadcast to the world about our country are of horrific incidents of violent crime. Contrary to widely propagated beliefs it is the majority, poor and black people, who mainly fall prey to this sickening level of terror. It is mainly women…

Igbo nation: history, challenges of rebirth and development: Volume One
Igbo Nation: History, Challenges of Rebirth and Development is a chronicle of the Igbo past, the challenges Ndi Igbo have faced across the centuries, how Igbos have survived discrimination, pogrom, genocide and how now they stand on the threshold of a new renaissance that will make their numbers and... Read more
THE FUTURE OF THE NIGERIAN NATION: Structure and Governance System for Nigeria’s Six Zones
THE FUTURE OF THE NIGERIAN NATION:Structure and Governance System for Nigeria’s Six Zonesby Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu Read more
Kalamu NeoGriot
 My emphasis is on sharing information and encouraging others to use this technology.  Since January of 2001, I have been traveling around the United States presenting the Neo-Griot concept Books by Kalamu ya Salaam The Magic of JuJu: An Appreciation of the Black Arts Movement  /   360: A Revolution... Read more
Libya Geopolitics
  “Socialism” did not “fail” in the Soviet Union because socialism never existed there.  Rather state-capitalist commodity production by wage-labor continued,  indeed expanded, operating in the context of world-market competition Read more
Nigeria, Ojukwu, Azikiwe, Biafra & Beyond The Rising Sun
NIGERIA, OJUKWU, AZIKIWE, BIAFRA & BEYOND THE RISING SUN deals with the post independence climate in Nigeria, the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War, with particular reference to the central role played by General Odumegwu Ojukwu and the tangential part played by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. It examines the post-war politics of leadership... Read more
A Befitting Monument for Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu
by Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu “Would Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe have seceded from Nigeria and declared Biafra’s Independence if he were in control of the situation. The answer is definitely NO. Would Dr. Azikiwe have worked out an accommodation under the Aburi Accord that projected a Confederation. The answer is... Read more
Libya and Islamic Reform Table
Libya and the Brutality of Nations
Mbakwe or M I Okpara who was better Governor?
This is a brief attempt to answer the question below from Igboville: [” Facebook Group – IGBOVILLE QUESTION” Please help me out here. A young friend of mine asked me who is the greatest governor of Igbo origin. Am torn between Chief Samuel Iheonunaka Mbakwe and Sir Michael Okpara.... Read more
THE LOUD DRUMS OF CIVIL WAR ARE SOUNDING IN NIGERIA: No Six Year Term for President and Governors
The proposed bill from President Goodluck Jonathan for a Six Year term for Governors and the President (whether motivated by selfish reasons or not) is a totally unnecessary distraction and a disingenuous misplacement of priorities. A new macabre dance of death has commenced in the Nigerian nation as nationals... Read more