Letters to Editors 2002 Articles

Letters to Editors 2002

My Brother, ChickenBones made my day today. I’ve been very depressed lately and

the soulful writings of this magazine help me. John Lennon once said “Whatever gets

you through the night, it’s alright…” And that’s how I feel with ChickenBones – my

therapy. No woman. No drugs. But I got ChickenBones. Thanks brother and

in all seriousness keep up … Read the rest

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Dennis Leroy Moore Table Articles

Dennis Leroy Moore Table

Dennis Leroy Moore Table

NYC Independent Filmmaker, Theatre Director & Writer

Film Reviews & Essays

Dennis Leroy Moore (DLM) — New York City guerilla filmmaker — was born in 1976 in Flushing, NY and is first-generation American. His parents are originally from Port of Spain, Trinidad. His first independent feature film As an Act of Protest, a lacerating, surreal … Read the rest

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Dennison Bertram Photographer Articles

Dennison Bertram Photographer

I’m contacting you now because I am in an online photo competition and I need your vote to help me win in the people’s choice category. It’s a big competition with the winners receiving great

exposure in the photography world—a potentially massive boost for my career

A Short Overview of

Dennison Bertram, Photographer

Born 1981 in USA, is based now … Read the rest

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1199 Wins Articles

1199 Wins

Blacks, Unions, & Organizing in the South, 1956-1996


Compiled by Rudolph Lewis

1199 WINS!!

Monthly Organizing Report

August 1969

August 22 Lutheran Hospital. Baltimore, Maryland. Hospital & Nursing Home Employees, Local 1199. For the Union 174; Against, 99; Challenged, 14. Election run by Maryland Dept. of Labor & Industry. Total eligible, 301. Worker contracts and meetings. … Read the rest

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Ada Sipuel case Articles

Ada Sipuel case

Separate But Equal Doctrine Is Basically Unsound and Unrealistic

Thurgood Marshall. Donald Murray, and Charles H. Houston

NAACP & the Ada Sipuel Case

In the 1930’s. Charles Hamilton Houston, special counsel for the NAACP, instituted a strategy for challenging segregation in education through the courts. These major cases in the years before 1951, paved the way for Brown v. Board Read the rest

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Black Baltimore Table Articles

Black Baltimore Table

Black Baltimore Table

Links to Articles on People and Events


Blacks have had a major presence in the city of Baltimore since its founding in the early 1700s. They made their numbers relevant during the Revolutionary War. The British offered freedom to escaped slaves. Thus Blacks fought on both sides of this war and remained in the city afterwards.… Read the rest

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