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Black Academy Review, the quarterly of the Black World is published four times a year in Spring (March), Summer (June), Autumn (October) and Winter (December) by Black Academy Press, Inc., 4015 Old Court Road, Pikesville, Maryland 21208, USA.  Subscriber and advertising correspondence, books for review, manuscripts for publication should be sent to this address. Articles in Black Academy Review do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or publishers.  Annual subscription:- Regular Mail: $120.00; Single Copies $40.00; Airmail Postage Extra. Special Discount on Bulk and Agency Orders. ISBN: 0006-4084

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Black Academy Review: quarterly of the black world
Founded in 1970

The leading quarterly publication devoted to the defense and edification of the black civilization in all its dimensions and variations.

BLACK         – to emphasize its primary but not exclusive orientation and control
ACADEMY  – to underscore the honesty, excellence and high standard envisioned
REVIEW       – that will thoroughly examine all sides of issues and events, and publishing


ESSAYS         – literary and semi-technical essays dealing with various facets of the black civilization in Africa, West Indies, the Americas and elsewhere
REVIEWS      – of literary social, scientific, political and other major works by black scholars and artists as well as work about the black world.
SPECIAL ISSUES – devoted when necessary, to major events or to outstanding individual leaders, writers and scholars.
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS – sometimes bibliographical in nature or dealing with current research in the general area.

ChickenBones: A Journal

Beginning April 1, 2015, Black Academy Press, Inc. is happy and proud to be associated with, and to host ChickenBones: A Journal, a labor of love and brainchild of Rudolph Lewis who continues to edit and manage the journal.

Mission: What ChickenBones: A Journal is about:

This site is dedicated to Nathaniel Turner  (1800-1831), Prophet of Southampton, and Marcus Bruce Christian (1900-1976), Poet of New Orleans. Both had a sense of mission and community greater than his individual interests and desires. Their work and writings on their work are the core content of this site. Thus, ChickenBones: A Journal  is their home and a means of extending their influence and consideration.

Like many African-American writers and artists, Turner and Christian are individuals who have been rendered faceless and voiceless by American and African-American anthologists and other creators of the canons of American literature and art.  In this discriminating context, Turner and Christian are worthy icons for a portion of the community we seek to serve. We thus invite essays, poems, stories, or other materials from those who find themselves in a similar situation, especially works that focus on African-American literary and artistic themes. The regular media and power brokers care little of our interests.

ChickenBones: A Journal, however, is not just interested in the cultural and artistic productions of African America. Our interests are not provincial. We are interested in posting the works of all writers and artists, regardless of race, ethnic, or national background. We invite topics economic, political, and religious as well. Yet we are especially interested in the writings of African, Asian, Latin, and Hispanic writers. Our only limitation is that the writings represent honesty and beauty. Thus this site is open to all who speak to the human heart, to those who do not have the means or contacts to get a fair hearing. True art belongs to the world.

So send in your work! Come see us often. Tell your friends and students. We are here to serve. Your contribution can be sent to rudolphlewis@hotmail.com.

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Disclaimer: We may or may not ascribe to the ideas or information contained in contributors’ writings and images.

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