Guest Poets 2

Guest Poets 2


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I Trust You Lord!

             By Yvonne M. Terry


 Shocking Bleeding Heart   Inspiration for My Body



By Marcus Bruce Christian

Selassie at Geneva   An Ex-King Speaks 

A Light in the TunnelPortrait of a Subway Swami

By Scott Kalechstein



On the Passing of Rich Bartee  by Louis Reyes Rivera

TESTAMENT  In Confidence  For Rich Bartee  Tribute to Bartee

More Hugging  Elegie For Richard Bartee  In Confidence


  The Need for Martyrs

                   By Robert Jones

 These clowns

who jump to die young

are necessary

     we must have examples

     of souls being saved


     progress begins

     in a warmish ooze

     of blood

but would I trade history  (more)

Right: An anonymous daguerrotype taken in about 1850 shows Caesar, a house servant to the Van R. Nicoll family, who was purportedly the last slave liberated in New York State.

Source: New York Historical Society



Black Women, Eroticism and Classic Blues

By Kalamu ya Salaam

Kalamu’s Feminist Erotica

Feminism, Black Erotica & Revolutionary Love  Essay by Rudolph Lewis

Responses to Feminism, Black Erotica, & Revolutionary Love



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