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Kathleen Kennedy Townsend clinched the Democratic primary while receiving

more votes (416,497) than any other gubernatorial primary candidate in the history of Maryland.



Primary Elections in MD & DC

Favor Organized Labor:

A Report from the Maryland State Federation of Labor


September 14, 2002

Dear Leaders,

Our determined and focused efforts really paid off in last Tuesday’s primary. Overall I think that we did extremely well in our strongest political effort in many years, hard losses notwithstanding. A strong recruitment effort found thirteen well qualified, first time candidates, seeking to join the ranks of representatives at the State level and three seeking local offices. These ‘warrior’ members included:

47% of First Time – Union Member Candidates WIN in Primary!

District 5, Senate Ronald Zepp – AFSCME

District 6, Delegate Rodney Donald – USWA

District 6, Delegate Michael Weir – IAFF

District 9B, Delegate Anita Riley – UFCW

District 13, Delegate, Ada Bohorfoush – OPEIU

District 14, Delegate Allan Mulligan – AFGE

District 17, Delegate Gertrude Kildee – SEIU

District 22, Delegate Tawanna Gaines – AFSCME

District 22, Delegate John Shields – SMWIA

District 26, Delegate Veronica Turner – SEIU

District 28, Delegate James Jarboe – UFCW

District 35B, Delegate Charles Wagner – IBB

District 46, Delegate Darren Petty – UAW

Harford County Council Dion Guthrie – IBEW

Allegany County Council Randy Apple –IUOE

Prince Georges County Council Camille Exum – AFSCME

Wicomico County Council Enez Grubb – UFCW


Our labor movement supported their candidacy with an aggressive campaign, including: registering new voters, multiple phone calls, mailings, precinct walks and a strong GOTV effort. Many THANKS are extended to all who helped.

We SALUTE all of the Union Member Candidates for their courage and commitment to building power for working families.

Governor’s Race

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend clinched the Democratic primary while receiving more votes (416,497) than any other gubernatorial primary candidate in the history of Maryland.

Well, that speaks volumes to those who dared question her popular appeal. Our attention and efforts must turn now to insuring victory in November.

CD – 2

“Dutch” Ruppersberger handily won his bid to represent the Democratic Party in November. This race will be closely watched across the nation because a Ruppersberger victory will go a long way in shifting the balance of power in the U.S. Congress.

CD – 6

Donald DeArmon once again proved that he is the choice of Democrats in this Congressional District. He certainly benefited from the ‘limited endorsement’ of organized labor in the primary. A labor endorsement with support to back it up will make him a stronger candidate in November.

CD – 8

Although Mark Shriver did not win the Democratic primary, he won with union members. In the areas with the highest union density, Shriver won by a 7 to 1 margin. The winner, Christopher Van Hollen, accumulated a solid labor voting record during his tenure in the Maryland Senate. With our enthusiastic and strong support, Van Hollen can be victorious in November as well.

District of Columbia Mayor’s Race

Mayor Anthony Williams won the D.C. Mayor’s race by a 3-1 margin, thanks in large part to the work of the Metropolitan Washington Council’s voter education on write-in procedures, door knocking, sign installation, phone banking and poll coverage.

We’re Not Done Yet!

Sisters and Brothers, as we engage the general election process, it is necessary that we unite as never before. I ask for your full cooperation in implementing OUR program, which includes:

1. Identify a coordinator for your local union

2. Register at least 10% of your un-registered members

3. Distribute informational and educational leaflets at worksites

4. Mail at least two letters to your members

5. Recruit Volunteers for: precinct walks, phone banks and Election Day activity

Denise Riley from my office is responsible for coordinating this effort. Please cooperate with her so that are efforts are meaningful and measurable.



UNITED, WE WIN, divided, Ehrlich may be the governor!

In Solidarity for progress,

Fred D. Mason, Jr.

*   *   *   *   *

Fred D. Mason, his office in Annapolis, is the president of the Maryland State and District of Columbia, AFL-CIO, sometimes referred to as the “State Fed.” Mr. Mason and the State Fed represent the legislative and political interests of 350,000 union members and retirees. Unofficially, the state federation of unions represent all 3.5 million workers in the state. Most workers have no other organization that represents their interests in the halls of government.  Mr. Mason and the State Fed work with 400 local labor unions and five labor councils to evaluate the legislative agenda, coordinate support from labor leaders and workers, and lobby lawmakers for those bills that work for labor and the general public.

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