Are You Better Off Now Than you Were Before Bush II

Are You Better Off Now Than you Were Before Bush II


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George W. Bush has been given carte blanche to wreck havoc on the AmeriKKKan public.

He comes from a bloodline who think nothing of making money on the suffering

and degradation of others or betraying the trust of the AmeriKKKan public



Are You Better Off Now 

Than you Were Before Bush II?

By Junious Ricardo Stanton


The recently released monthly US employment statistics show a steady decline in overall American employment. In March 2003 an additional 108,000 jobs were lost and over 2.5 million jobs have been lost since January 2001. The number of Americans who have been unemployed for more than 15 weeks has risen over 125%. But new analysis by has shown that African Americans have been disproportionately affected by the downturn in the job market. The analysis from figures released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showsthat while white Americans suffered job losses and lack of job opportunities African Americansexperienced rates of joblessness rates that increased more than twice as much.–

When Ronald Reagan campaigned for president in 1980 against Jimmy Carter one of his campaign slogans was “Are you better off today than when Jimmy Carter took office?” Due to adverse economic conditions, high interests rates, inflation, a sluggish economy, and Carter’s inability to free the hostages, Reagan rode into office on the crest of a “Conservative” (overtly fascist and racist) backlash. That movement was slightly derailed twelve years later by a Clinton victory; although Clinton and Gore won using a modified version of the Nixon and Reagan “Southern Strategy” platform a Centrist- Right Wing deviation from the progressive-liberal base of the Northern Democrats. 

Here we are half way through the first term of the unelected presidency of George W Bush and a legitimate question is, “Are we better off now than before Bush became president?” For Africans in AmeriKKKa, working class whites and ethnics the answer is a resounding “Hell No!” For the superrich, multi-national corporations, white collar criminals, fraudsters, inside stock market manipulators/traders, drug runners, money launderers, warmongers and fascists the Bush presidency has been a boon and a blessing. 

George W. Bush has been given carte blanche to wreck havoc on the AmeriKKKan public. He comes from a bloodline who think nothing of making money on the suffering and degradation of others or betraying the trust of the AmeriKKKan public. His grandfather Prescott Bush and Great Grandfather Herbert Walker helped industrialize Nazi Germany and made mad cash (before it was confiscated by the US Government) helping Hitler prepare for his reign of military aggression in Europe. Daddy Bush was the head of the secret police (CIA), and he was a central figure in the Iran-Contra narco-dollars, gun-running deals and drug trafficking. 

Brother Neil was the ring leader in a Savings and Loan scandal that stole billions of dollars, Brothers Jeb and Marvin have had their fair share of scandals using public monies. Uncle Prescott has been in on several scams in cahoots with Daddy and so it goes. For a full pictogram type: Bush Crime Family Flow Chart into your search engine. Under Bush II, corporate influence peddling has allowed scandals such as Enron, WorldCom to go virtually unpunished. And now we have the global War on Terrorism which is making Daddy Bush and his Carlyle Group buddies, defense contractors and oil companies ungodly rich. 

Are you better off now than 2002? Looking at statistics we’d have to say, “Hell No!” Black incarceration is at an all time high thanks to the bogus War on Drugs. Unemployment across the board is skyrocketing thanks to the hydras of corporate accounting fraud ala Enron, globalism (shipping jobs overseas to exploit cheaper labor), record level business collapses and bankruptcies and government “failures” such as 9-11. (Make no mistake the government totally failed in its responsibility to prevent it given the available information they had). Policies such as the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were planned long before 9-11!

Do you feel safer or more secure now than you did in 2002? Of course not! Not after the gross failures of civilian, intelligence and military agencies on 9-11 which have never been admitted to, seriously addressed, resolved or accounted for. There is an eerie feeling, a foreboding dread amongst the masses that something isn’t right, an anxiousness about the whittling away of civil and procedural rights of citizens by an Attorney General gone mad, unchallenged by an emasculated and pliant Congress and an ongoing fear campaign (psychological warfare) by the mass media designed to make us think terrorists are under every bed, Arabs are a serious threat to the security of this nation and global warfare against weaker nations is the solution! 

Do you feel you are being told the truth? Evidently not because more and more people get their information from the Internet or satellite television rather than the blatant propaganda of the corporate media presstitutes. Do you feel the government is responsive to your needs and wishes, that they care about your concerns? At one point mail and phone calls to Congress were ten to one against the US taking unilateral action against Iraq. Nationwide mass demonstrations were held to protest and prevent an unprovoked attack against Iraq. 

Yet Congress went against the wishes of their constituents and gave Bush (of all people, a man AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard) a blank check to wage war on the world. One definition of fascism is, an autocratic government with a virulently nationalistic, militaristic and rabid xenophobic orientation. Take a good look at AmeriKKKa today, ask yourself do these characteristics apply and are you better off now that you were in 2002?


posted 15 April 2003

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updated 19 July 2010



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