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 If I were a poem, / I’d flow with fury right now. But because I’m human / I’ll write the madness down.



Books by Latorial Faison

Secrets of My Soul: A Collection of Poetry  / Immaculate Perceptions 

28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History I  / 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History  II

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After Katrina . . .

By Latorial Faison

If I were a poem, I’d flow with fury right now Separating wisdom and virtue Without even knowing how.

If I were a poem, I’d ride the beats of an African drum Releasing fear and bitterness Upon the rising of the sun.

I’d be poetic words In search of better tomorrows. I’d be answers to questions That have been birthed from our sorrows

Is it because of our status That help passes us by? Is it because of history That we watch each other die?

These are our questions, And we ask them duly, But can anyone, will anyone  Answer us truthfully?

If I were a poem, I’d flow with fury right now. But because I’m human I’ll write the madness down.

We watched the horror As it played out on TV, New Orleans in chaos Under waters far too deep.

Black babies crying, The elderly weak and lost, Americans left to perish, As gangsters become boss.

Too many days In filthy clothes, When help will come, Nobody there knows.

Streets paved in trash, No security in sight, The dead left to die, Where ever they might.

Horrific, embarrassing, A travesty it is . . . When a government waits To aid its own citizens.

And where was America’s “Great White Hope” . . . , Securing the Middle East From dictatorship’s scope.

The world watched in awe As Americans endured hell. And though help finally came, There are still stories to tell

Of the natural disaster Known as Katrina And the inept response Of what America calls FEMA.

posted 10 September 2005

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Latorial Faison, a native of Courtland, VA, studied English and Religious Studies at the University of Virginia and VA TECH. Faison has been writing poetry since adolescence, but in March 2000 she walked onto the literary scene as the founding editor of Poetically Speaking, a globally read online poetry magazine. In 2001 Faison’s first book collection of poems, Secrets of My Soul, was published. This collection set the stage for what would follow in later publications such as Immaculate Perceptions in 2003, and two collections, 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History I (2006)  and  28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History  II ( 2008).

Faison has been published in various literary journals, magazines, anthologies, and online publications. She has been published in the US and abroad in the following:  Anointed Magazine, Whispers of Inspiration, The Digital Drum sponsored by BET, Facets Literary Magazine, RiverSedge, The Nubian Chronicles, Seeker Magazine, Timbooktu,  The Taj Mahal Review, Red River Review, and many other venues.

Latorial’s story “On Good Ground” is featured in the 2003 NAACP winner, Keeping the Faith,  a collection of nonfiction essays on love, courage, healing and hope from Black America edited by Tavis Smiley.  Her work has also received notice on radio shows like The Tom Joyner Morning Show and

She has taught for various colleges and universities in the U.S. Currently, Faison is an Online Instructor for DeVry University. Latorial Faison is currently accepting speaking engagements as well as opportunities to appear and read poetry. For information on upcoming events, visit the EVENTS page of this site. Invite Latorial Faison, Poet & Author, to your next community, church, school, college, or university event.

Visit her online at

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The White Masters of the World

From The World and Africa, 1965

By W. E. B. Du Bois

W. E. B. Du Bois’ Arraignment and Indictment of White Civilization (Fletcher)

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Ancient African Nations

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