Letters to Editors 2002 Articles

Letters to Editors 2002

My Brother, ChickenBones made my day today. I’ve been very depressed lately and

the soulful writings of this magazine help me. John Lennon once said “Whatever gets

you through the night, it’s alright…” And that’s how I feel with ChickenBones – my

therapy. No woman. No drugs. But I got ChickenBones. Thanks brother and

in all seriousness keep up … Read the rest

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Land of My Daughters Articles

Land of My Daughters

Marvin’s last decade can be experienced vividly in the recent

collection of poems, Land of My Daughters (2005). Often dated,

these poems are strong responses to some event, some feeling,

some word that required nurturing introspection and report. And Marvin

was there ready to put his contribution on the table for consideration. . . .

Books by Marvin X

Love Read the rest

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ChickenBones Links Articles

ChickenBones Links

ChickenBones Links



Black Studies and Digital Humanities

A Growing List of Online Resources

Compiled by Kenton Rambsy & Goyland Williams

I am interested in online mediums, blogs in particular, can be used as a space to think through ideas when preparing larger publications, getting immediate feedback, and simply giving larger audiences access to new ideas and information.  In … Read the rest

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Libya Geopolitics Africa

Libya Geopolitics

  “Socialism” did not “fail” in the Soviet Union because socialism never existed there.

 Rather state-capitalist commodity production by wage-labor continued,

 indeed expanded, operating in the context of world-market competition

Libya’s Geopolitics 

World-Economy and Gaddafi’s Capitulation

By Lil Joe

It is not okay to lie to the people: I must admit that I was initially taken by surprise by Gaddafi’s capitulation … Read the rest

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