Cuba: A BookList by Herbert Rogers Articles

Cuba: A BookList by Herbert Rogers

I was fortunate to meet and interview several poets in Santiago de Cuba. One was Jesus Cos Causse  and Rene Lescay.

Both of these names are Haitian names. There is a strong Jamaican and Haitian influence in Santiago.

Cuba: A BookList

Compiled by Herbert B. Rogers

General Information Department / Enoch Pratt Free Library /State Library

400 Cathedral Street / … Read the rest

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Deposing Charles Taylor Africa

Deposing Charles Taylor

elections alone are not the end of the story. A democratic regime must act democratically in

the country and in relations with its neighbours otherwise the mandate becomes suspect

Deposing Charles Taylor

A Thursday Postcard

By  Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem

Former President Charles was forced by a combination of local, regional and international pressure to resign his office two weeks ago. In … Read the rest

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(October 7, 1935 – January 5, 2008)
by Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu

Hon. Ambrose Chukwudi Mezu (popularly known as AC) was born on October 7, 1935 by Clement Ugwuezuonu Mezu and Rose Nlemdiuwaoma Mezu nee Akuta who were married a year earlier (1934) and Mr Clement Mezu, was then the headmaster at Imerienwe Central School. A … Read the rest

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INTRODUCTION to Blacks, Unions, & Organzing Articles

INTRODUCTION to Blacks, Unions, & Organzing


Blacks, Unions, & Organizing in the South, 1956-1996



Compiled by Rudolph Lewis


By Rudolph Lewis

With the exception of several summaries, an address by Thurgood Marshall to the AFL-CIO Convention, an article from the New York Times Magazine, and Section 6, the materials contained in this manuscript can be found in the AFL-CIO … Read the rest

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Invasion of Zimbabwe and Western Hypocrisy Articles

Invasion of Zimbabwe and Western Hypocrisy

Ethiopia and Kenya are well known for supporting the US war against terrorism and have offered their countries as launch pads for these wars. People are maimed and killed, but despite police and security force brutality there is hardly a whimper of the magnitude of the thunderous noise heard about Zimbabwe.


No to invasion of Zimbabwe!

By Victor Moeleso Read the rest

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The Land of Saints Africa

The Land of Saints

She said that if a selfish bachelor, like Francis Arthur Nzeribe, could become

Senator, that nothing would stop Chukwuma Ossai from being the “Real Man” in

Abuja. She said if her son became Senator, that she, herself, as the mother,

would be appearing on TV shows, in front of magazines and newspapers

The Land of Saints

Short Story by Onyeka Read the rest

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Dennis Leroy Moore Articles

Dennis Leroy Moore

Dennis Leroy Moore

NYC Independent Filmmaker, Theatre Director & Writer


New York City guerilla filmmaker Dennis Leroy Moore (DLM) was born in 1976 in Flushing, NY and is first-generation American. His parents are originally from Port of Spain, Trinidad. His first independent feature film As an Act of Protest, a lacerating, surreal drama about racism in America, was … Read the rest

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