Conversation on ChickenBones Survival Articles

Conversation on ChickenBones Survival

Excuse me for laughing about the comment about the loss of ‘virginity’ of your site,

 if you put a link or two. That’s absurd!

Conversation on ChickenBones Survival

Miriam: I’ve just now had a chance to read your articles and to look at parts of the longer manuscript–all of which are excellent.  I cannot understand why they were not accepted … Read the rest

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Help Save ChickenBones Articles

Help Save ChickenBones

Help Save ChickenBones—Our Literary Journal

An Appeal by The Committee to Keep ChickenBones A Journal

Mackie Blanton                                                                                                                                                                   Floyd Hayes              

Send contributions to: ChickenBones: A Journal /  2005 Arabian Drive / Finksburg, MD 21048

I became aware of Rudy Lewis’ labor of love a few short months ago during a visit to Kalamu ya Salaam’s e-drum listserv. As soon as … Read the rest

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